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コロナウイルス禍 Coronavirus Calamity






 At the beginning of this year, I never expected this terrible situation would happen. The new Corona is spreading worldwide. In Hokkaido, it seems to have subsided a little, but I am concerned about the spread of infection in the metropolitan area and Kansai area. Even in our shop, there are hardly any tourists from outside of Doto. Also, usually about 10% of our customers are from overseas, but in March we have only 1 French tourist. This is the year of the Olympics and I was expecting a lot of people from overseas to come to Hokkaido, but things are getting really bad. At the moment, what our shop can do is to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible, and on top of that, provide a space where you can relax as usual. As countermeasures, alcohol disinfection by wiping with alcohol or diluted sodium hypochlorite water, installation of alcohol disinfection wet tissues in the toilet, and frequent ventilation are carried out. Each table is more than 2 meters apart, and the counter and a nearby table are also separated by stained glass. We are doing our utmost to avoid becoming what the Council of Experts calls "a place where three conditions overlap". It is a time to refrain from going out, but I would like you to come for a change. I'm worried about getting alcohol products for disinfection. In the beginning of March, I was able to buy an alcohol disinfectant for the kitchen at almost the same price, but recently it has become more than three times the price. It would be shame if the manufacturers worked hard to increase the production, and the products were sold to the dishonest traders who resold the products at high prices, and as a result, the products became scarce in the market. In the midst of all this, the little birds that come to the cafe seem to be happy about the arrival of spring regardless of the turmoil in the human world!






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