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ゴールデンウィーク Golden Week


 I was very busy during Golden Week last year. This year we are temporarily closed, so I spend my time cleaning and working on computers every day. The area around my cafe is full of nature, and I sometimes take a walk with exercise. Yesterday, I explored Mt. Pompong, which I couldn't go to when I was busy. It was a good distance for a walk of about 30 minutes one way, but sometimes bears come out, so I put a bear bell and a hatchet on my waist, and went out with the owner of Fukuro Sanso and the mascot dog John. Passing through a forest road and going through a narrow valley, we arrived at Mt. Pompong , steaming from the slope. This is a rare place where crickets chirp without snow even in the middle of the coldest winter. We went further while avoiding big fallen trees, we reached the second Pongpong mountain. According to the elder in the neighborhood, there is the 3rd Pompong mountain in the back, but I came back at the 2nd Pompong mountain yesterday. Fortunately, we didn't encounter bears, but there were some black woodpeckers, Kumagera. It was difficult to take a picture because the telephoto of the camera was poor, but I managed to take one picture.





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