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営業再開 Cafe reopened





 Due to the rapid spread of the seventh wave of COVID-19 infections, we were closed for about 2 weeks because we could not keep up with disinfection, etc. in the cafe during busy times.

We will be open from the 18th.

 Our garden has become more beautiful this spring. The tulips, lavenders, and lupines that we have been preparing since last fall are now in full bloom, and the lilies are now in full bloom.

Since the deer had been eating the flowers until last year, we have been putting up protective nets every night and taking them off in the morning. It is a hassle, but we are doing it so that visitors can enjoy the flowers of each season.


Spring flower bed. Daffodils and tulips have bloomed. The sticks standing around the flower beds are for hanging nets to protect them from deer. Please understand that they are an eyesore.


The current flower beds. Marigolds and lilies are in full bloom. Roses planted in the spring have also bloomed.





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