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春のキャンディ Spring in candy




 The Corona Pandemic overshadowed the world with a thick, uneasy atmosphere like a drifting fog. I want to see the fog clear and bright sunlight as soon as possible, but I feel the fog is getting thicker. I'm trying to make this spring candies so that I will be able to make my customers feel better at this time. I received a request from a nearby farm, Fattlialico about a candy trial using edible flowers they produce, and it turned out to be quite nice.

 However, it is difficult to adjust the temperature of the melted candy, so the color of the flowers changes when the temperature is high, and the flow of the candy decreases when the temperature is low. I would like to improve the degree of perfection by determining the appropriate temperature.

 It would be great if I could put the flowers in sweet candy and serve them to everyone when the season for flowers in Hokkaido comes.





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