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春の兆し The signs of spring





The number of days above freezing finally increased in March. The snow began to melt little by little, and Daffodil sprouts peeked out from the ground.

This year, even though the coldness was less than usual, the days in the middle of winter kept below freezing all day long, and the lake was completely frozen, so I could see the ice ridges, so called “Omiwatari”.

From now on, the thick ice will gradually become thinner, and on a windy day, it will break at once and flow down the river with a rustling sound. This is also something to see.

I love winter when it shines white, but early spring when the cold is over and you can feel the warm sunlight is also good. Soon, the butterbur sprouts, “Fukinotou”, will appear and Adonis, “Fukujusou”, will be in full bloom. I'm looking forward to enjoying spring while drinking coffee in a chair outside.



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