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4月になりました It's April






It's April. This winter was warmer than usual and I felt the early spring was coming, but today (April 9) it is snowing. Seasons go back and forth. Compared to February, the number of customers who come to my Cafe has returned a little in March, but the number of customers from outside Hokkaido and overseas is zero. With the declaration of an emergency, this situation will continue until the end of Golden Week at least. There are a lot of calls to refrain from going out and to avoid the “3 Mitsu” thoroughly to reduce the risks of coronavirus infection, but I rarely meet people here at Lake Kussharo, so I can spend time without worrying about “3 Mitsu”. When I took a walk the day before yesterday, I didn't see anyone at all. The only mammal I came across was a wild raccoon dog that was walking into the woods. In my case, if I were told to reduce contact by 80%, I would only be able to meet about 3 people a week. April will be a month of patience.

The photo shows the Fukujusou that blooms in the garden of my cafe.





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