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花の季節 Season of flowers





I thought there was snow in my garden just the other day, but it's already early summer now. Until the end of April, it sometimes snowed and the temperature was below freezing, and I felt like winter was still continuing, but after the holidays in May, I could finally feel the coming of spring by changing winter tires. White Kobushi flowers bloom and various kinds of daffodils bloom in the flower bed of the garden. The plum in the backyard blooms full of little white flowers, and beneath the tree the low growls of the bees echo pleasantly. On a clear, sunny morning, it is a blissful moment to take a chair under the tree, drink coffee and read a newspaper. After that, hawthorn flowers and plum-leaved apple flowers bloom, and small black swallowtail butterflies and Bumblebees busily fly from flower to flower. This year, there are many swallowtail butterflies, and the sight of dozens of swallowtail butterflies swarming around one tree is fantastic sight. After these flowers are over, lavender and lupine flower bloom. The anemone planted last fall also blooms various colors. Moss phlox, which almost died from being stepped on by deer last year, is growing its leaves and putting flowers this year. It's going to be deer season. They had already entered the garden at night, and the battle began. Some of the flower buds of lupine have been eaten.





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