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凍った湖の音 Sound of frozen lake





 Lake Kussharo did not freeze last year due to the warm winter. This year, cold winter days continued and ice covered the lake for the first time in two years. It is said that "When the drift ice of Okhotsk reaches the shore, cold air comes and the lake freezes." around here, it is true that the entire area of the lake froze in early February when the drift ice reached the shore.

 Every year, you will see a phenomenon where thick frozen ice expands and becomes unable to withstand the pressure, then cracks and rises. I sometimes walk on the ice to look for it, but it seems that the phenomenon has not been made this year because of the rain and the temperature rise the other day.

 The view of ice on the lake is beautiful, but what I'm interested in now is the sound of frozen lakes. Besides the sound of ice crashing and breaking, there is a strange sound that you can hear from the bottom of the lake. Like a cosmic sound that is neither creaky nor buzzing. There are times when it makes quite a big sound, so I sit by the lakeside in the extreme cold and listen to it. I wonder why it makes that sound. I think that the frequency distribution of the sound changed while the sound of ice breaking generated at a relatively distant place was transmitted through the ice as solid propagation sound.

 You can walk on the thick frozen surface of the lake, but please be careful if you are not used to it because there are some hot springs and the ice has melted and become thin on the shore of the lake.





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