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鹿との闘い! Battle against deer


 “花音”、花と音楽が基本コンセプト。春には庭に色んな花が咲いて、店内には心地よい音楽が流れる。そんなお店を夢見てこのカフェを始めました。開店当初には何も植わってなかったむき出しの土の上に様々な花の種や苗を買ってきて植えてみました…が…。前日まできれいに咲いていた花がある朝に葉っぱごとなくなってる! 芝桜も引っこ抜かれ踏みつけられている! 花壇の土の上には特徴的な蹄の跡が、「鹿だ!」。鹿達は夜な夜なやってきて、花を食べ、踏みつけ、引っこ抜いて去ってゆく。夜半に窓を開けると集団の鹿に出会う事もしばしば。大きな声を出して追っ払っても、またすぐに戻ってきてしまいます。近所の人に「水仙やスズランは毒があるから食べないよ」と教えてもらい植えてみましたが、たしかに積極的に食べはしないが葉っぱの先っぽをかじっていく。ルピナスも花の柔らかい部分を食べるので全部頭の無い花になってしまう。鹿達は好き勝手し放題で我が家の花壇は無法地帯状態。そんな時、「ハーブを植えると鹿が来ない」との有力情報を近所の農園から聞きました。早速、北広島のハーブ園から4種類のハーブを購入。ペニーロイヤルミント、クリーピングタイム、オレガノそしてカモミール。写真の様に花壇の一角をこれらのハーブで囲んで中にルピナスやチャイブを植えて、これで完璧…のはず…。その効果は次回報告します。

"Kanon", the basic concept of this cafe is flower and music. Various flowers bloom in the garden in the spring, and there is a pleasant music playing in the cafe. I started this cafe with the dream of such a place. I bought a variety of flower seeds and seedlings on the bare soil that was not planted when it opened ... but .... The flowers that had bloomed until the previous day were all gone in the morning! The ground pink is being pulled out and trampled! On the soil of the flower bed, there were characteristic hoof marks "Deer!". Every night the deer come and eat the flowers, stomp on them, and pull them away. If you open the window in the middle of the night, you will often meet a group of deer. Even if I chase them out loud, they will come back soon. I was taught by neighbors that deer don't eat daffodils and lily of the valley because they are poisonous." and planted them. Yes, they did not eat actively, but bit the tips of the leaves. The soft parts of the flowers of Lupin were eaten, so they all become headless flowers. The deer are free to do as they please, and my flowerbed is in a state of lawlessness. At that time, I heard from a farmer that "If you plant herbs, deer won't come.". I immediately bought 4 kinds of herbs from the herb garden in Kitahiroshima. Penny royal mint, creeping thyme, oregano and chamomile. One corner of the flowerbed was surrounded by these herbs, and lupins or chives were planted inside. This should be perfect ... but...。 I will report the effect next time.





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