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鹿との闘い2 Battle against deer 2


鹿よけハーブ作戦を開始。花壇の一部をクリーピングタイムとペニーロイヤルミントで囲み、中にオレガノとカモミール、チャイブを植えました。情報によると鹿達はこのハーブ香りを嫌って囲いの中には入らないはずです。これは北広島でも実験済みとの事。しかし、ハーブを植えて四日後、弟子屈の鹿はハーブを全く気にせずハーブを踏みつけて囲いの中へ侵入。チャイブは球根から掘り出されて食い散らかされてしまいました。さらに踏みつけるだけでなく、嫌いなはずのタイムやミントも食べているではないか! この辺りの鹿は、北広島周辺の鹿と違うのか? 食われた後のミントは色も悪くなりなんとなく枯れそうな雰囲気。チャイブは植えなおして上から網をかけましたが、再度網もはがされまた食われてしまいました。これだけの面積のハーブを植えるのにそこそこコストもかかっているのに無駄になってしまうのか…


 Started the herb operation to ward off deer. A part of the flower bed is surrounded by creeping time and penny royal mint, and oregano, chamomile and chives are planted inside. According to the information, the deer don't like this herbal smell and won't go inside the enclosure. This has already been tested at the herb dealer in Kita-Hiroshima. Four days after planting the herbs, however, the Teshikaga deer trampled on the herbs and entered the enclosure. The chive was dug out of the bulb and eaten up. They are not only trampling on it, they are also eating thyme and mint that they probably don't like! Are the deer around here different from those around Kita-Hiroshima? After being eaten, the mint color got bad and somehow the atmosphere looked like it would die. I replanted the chive and covered it with a net, but the net was removed and it was eaten again. I WONDER IF IT WOULD BE A WASTE OF MONEY TO PLANT SUCH AN AREA OF HERBES ... The next strategy is blue light which is said to hate deer. I bought a blinking light for animal protection at a hardware store and installed it in the herb enclosure. I don't feel comfortable with just this, so I sprayed around with a repellent with unpleasant smell of deer I bought online. This works! When I looked at the night surveillance camera, I saw a deer escaping from being surprised by the flashing light. There has been no damage for about 2 weeks so far. But they are getting used to it recently, so I can't feel relieved yet. Can we win this battle?





May 12, 2021



Jun 05, 2021
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